You want valuable data from your process system. You want your system to handle automated control, but you want to maintain total control when desired. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA. Taurus Power & Controls understands SCADA; and at the heart of a well designed system is the programmable logic controller (PLC) that monitors and acts as desired. Our core expertise is the programming and total integration of a system that performs to your satisfaction.

As a control system integrator, we understand the importance of employing the most economical and efficient integrated solutions. Whether monitoring a system, controlling a process, or providing integrated security solutions, Taurus has the experience to design, build and implement the most innovative and reliable systems; on time and on budget. Our people possess the expertise in the comprehensive design and development of remote monitoring and controlling applications. With the multiple principles of advanced technology available, we can interface with virtually any type of PLC or RTU equipment, new or existing. Our in-depth insight and understanding of protocol alignment and networking supports a seamless integration for all types of data sources and telemetry.

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