“In April of 2015 Taurus was approached by Notkin, a military engineering specialist to team with them to help the Puget Sound Naval Station (PSNS) get better control over their mission critical, Air compressor system in Bremerton Wa.  *Notkin has becoming familiar with Taurus due to previous work on three projects which together involved upgrading the process water collection system controls for six drydocks. In October of 2015 we signed an agreement and began work on the Compressor project.

The project summary:

To control 10 mission critical air compressors across 3 buildings. Eliminate proprietary pneu-logic controls and use Rockwell FactoryTalk SE and AB controllers. The government provided the new control hardware. Taurus did all of the PLC/HMI/* FTView data logging and trends. 

Substantial completion was October of 2016, with final completion January 2017.

The project was on time, on budget, and no change orders.

I want to point out that the programming and sequencing of these massive compressors and trimming system was no easy task. Yet, Aric Naue managed to create code, and control screens that were able to exceed the engineer’s expectations for pressure and flow variances in the system. (Notice the power savings on the attached award card.)

On October 21st Taurus was notified by Notkin that this project has won a gold award and a magnificent trophy in the society of American military engineers (SAME)  Taurus is listed as the controls consultant on the award board.​​​​​​​”

Disclaimer: *Information has been slightly modified due to minor inaccuracies.



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